Why Do I Have Two Accounts if I am a Club Member?

The reason for this is because the accounts manage two different purchasing activities. One is for your monthly Club Membership and one is for making non-membership merchandise purchases.  The Club Membership Account manages your monthly reoccurring membership charges only but your Club Membership Account information is not automatically transferred to a general non-club account used to make non-membership purchases from the store. This is why a General Maker’s Mart Account will need to be created and linked to your Club Member Account.

When a Club Membership is purchased, a General Maker’s Mart Account will also be created (or upgraded if an account using the same email address already exists.)  When this happens you will receive an email notifying you of your new account along with a temporary password. You will need to go into your account and reset your password for security purposes. Once this is done, Club members will gain access to a special discounted pricing tier that is only visible when logged into the General Account. You can access the login portal to the General Maker’s Mart accounts by clicking “My Account

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